Fort Magic Fort Building & Construction Toy Kit For Kids

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Retail Price SALE $149 - 382 Pieces In Every Fort Magic Kit 
Fort Magic is an award winning, patented, large-scale building and construction toy that provides the combined joy of building & engineering with unlimited creative playtime for children. Fort Magic's unique, combination of sticks, connectors and accessory clips is truly like no other, and allows children to create endless designs from just ONE Fort Magic kit. Fort Magic is the winner of Dr. Toy's Best Classic 2014 Toy Award for being the best in Creativity, Construction, Educational Value and Activity Play for children.

Fort Magic Contains Everything Needed To Unleash Your Child's Imagination!  

Just One Fort Magic Kit Includes 165 Straight and Curved Sticks In Seven Different Sizes. 87 Connector Pieces In Five Varieties Of Shapes And Sizes. 130 Fabric And Accessory Clips To Securely Fasten Accessories Or Fabric Covers To Any Fort Design. A Full Color Manual Featuring Over 20 Designs To Build. A High-Quality Storage Bag That Conveniently And Securely Holds All Of The Fort Magic Pieces - So Clean Up Is Quick And Easy Every Time!  (FABRIC COVERS NOT INCLUDED)
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